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Supercloth - The European Cleaning secret


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Welcome to the official website Supercloth

In our site you will find a complete range of products for the cleaning of the house ideal for any surface.

The home is the place where we spend most of our time and keep it in order is the main objective of every woman; if you are looking for a solution to the problems of cleaning, here you will find the right product that will save you time, effort and money.

If you have trouble cleaning the steel, glass cleaner, oven cleaner or mop the floor, on our website you will find all the information that will lead you to choose the right product that suits your case. With over 3 million units sold worldwide Supercloth can be considered a problem solver (called so by many customers in the United States of America); In fact, if you do not know how to clean an object or anything of your home Supercloth is able to find the solution. Supercloth is one of the most sold products on QVC channel Our site has been designed to provide information and advice to clean the most of your home and find the product that will satisfy you completely.

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Trademark and Patent

<p>The                          “<strong>High Use</strong>” <strong>Fibre</strong>,                              developed by Unidea International Srl technicians and                              put right after years of research, has been obtained                              by mixing polyurethane and polyamide fibres.<br /> Thanks to a processing subjected to industrial secrecy,                              this mixing creates the special <strong>Supercloth<span style="color: #008fd5;">™</span></strong> fabric. <br /> The purpose of the complex processing (think of the several,                              about seven, treatments the fibres undergo) is obtaining                              a fabric which, with its thousands of pores and microscopic                              flakes, is characterized by the following features:                              absorption, elasticity, resistance to tearing, durability                              and above all great power to fight dirt.</p>
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<p>The microscopic flakes work as a great number of “<strong>rakes</strong>”                          against dust and dirt therefore there is no need for                          detergents or cleansing agents in order to have the                          every-day maximum hygiene. <br /><br /> Thanks to its extraordinary peculiarities and innovation,                  the “<strong>High Use</strong>” fibre                              has gained the Patent in Europe, now pending in the                              US.<br /><br /> The imitation attempts are many (Unidea legal office                              is always ready for pursuing them) so we always recommend                              our customers to purchase the Supercloth from the                              official <strong>Unidea</strong> channels and to check                              the packaging has the “<strong>High Use</strong>”                          fibre mark. When you do not see this mark or there                          is something else suspicious, please contanct us by                e-mail.</p>

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