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Supercloth - The European Cleaning secret


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Welcome to the official website Supercloth

In our site you will find a complete range of products for the cleaning of the house ideal for any surface.

The home is the place where we spend most of our time and keep it in order is the main objective of every woman; if you are looking for a solution to the problems of cleaning, here you will find the right product that will save you time, effort and money.

If you have trouble cleaning the steel, glass cleaner, oven cleaner or mop the floor, on our website you will find all the information that will lead you to choose the right product that suits your case. With over 3 million units sold worldwide Supercloth can be considered a problem solver (called so by many customers in the United States of America); In fact, if you do not know how to clean an object or anything of your home Supercloth is able to find the solution. Supercloth is one of the most sold products on QVC channel Our site has been designed to provide information and advice to clean the most of your home and find the product that will satisfy you completely.

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In 2001 a Supercloth product survey was made in the USA. Interviews were conducted with 126 members who purchased and have used the Supercloth .
No need for chemicals or cleaning supplies appealed to a third of the members when they decided to purchase the Supercloth .

This was the most popular characteristic mentioned. Other popular comments were included as easy to use, versatile, use on all type of surfaces, and no streaking.

Fifty-six percent of the members interviewed stated that the Supercloth greatly or somewhat exceeded their expectations.

Members enjoyed being able to clean a room more. They didn't need to carry any other cleaning products around and could move from wood furniture, to windows, to mirrors and clean an entire room well and more quickly.

Almost three-quarters (71%) of the members interviewed said that the Supercloth was generally more effective than their previous cleaning methods. The most popular reasons given for its great results was that it is easy to use, no streaking, really worked and no chemicals needs.


Supercloth speaks about their fellow-worker and the product benefits in a very enthusiastic way:

• Saves time, work and money
• Easy to use
• Long lasting
• No detergents or chemicals
• No streaks
• Cleans many different surfaces
• Dust magnet
• Soft to touch
• Triple use: cleans, dries and polishes
• Speeds up the cleaning jobs

Dusting, cleaning, drying … will be no longer hard; Supercloth is the worthy paladin who will make your cleaning easier and will let you save money at the same time.


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